Makeup Organization

If you’re like me, your makeup collection is massive. You’ve got palettes, highlighters, and brushes. But your makeup organization strategy could be better if you’re like me. Here are some simple tips on organizing your makeup so it’s easy to find and use.

Bookcase Door

If you have a bookcase door, use it! A bookcase door is the perfect size to create a makeup station. You only need to pick up some magnetic boards and place them on your wall. These are accessible from any office supply store or target (usually under $10). Then, use these magnetic boards to organize your makeup brushes and palettes by color or brand. If you have more than one type of product in each category (for example, foundation vs. lipstick), separate them using dividers so they are clear when taking items off the board.*

Drawer Organization

Drawer organizing is the easiest way to keep your makeup organized. You can use dividers to separate similar products or buy an organizer with compartments for each product type. If you need more time to buy a new organizer, use a makeup bag instead! Put all your items into one big bag and sort through them when you need something specific.

Use A Tray Or Box For Everything!

Makeup organization is all about having a place for everything. If you have a tray or box with compartments, it’s easier to keep things organized and separated. You can use the tray on your dresser or vanity or put it in a drawer if it doesn’t fit.

If you need a specific makeup organizer but want to try one out, many options are available online! Try using an old jewelry box with dividers or buy something new from Sephora (they have great ones).

Makeup Bag Organizer

Suppose you’re looking for a way to organize makeup in your drawer; use a makeup bag organizer. These handy organizers help keep your cosmetics and tools neatly in place so you can easily find what you need when it’s time to get ready. They also provide ample space for brushes, making them ideal for storing brushes if they are not currently used by their owner.

A makeup bag organizer is great for organizing cosmetics in drawers and storing brushes that don’t fit into regular holders (like eyelash curlers).

Desk Drawer Organization

  • Use a box for everything. If you have an extensive makeup collection, this is the best way to organize it. You can use a small box for brushes, one for lipsticks and glosses, one for shadows, etc.
  • Use a tray for everything. A tray will keep things organized and visible at all times but still allows them to be easily accessible when needed (and it looks nice too).
  • Organize by drawer instead of category or brand–it’s more efficient! This is my favorite way because it allows me quick access without having to dig through piles on my desk or countertop every time I’m looking for something specific like blush or bronzer: put all your face products in one drawer; eyeshadows in another; concealers/correctors/bronzers in another; foundations/cream blushes/powders into another; lipsticks & glosses into yet another…

It would help if you had a lot of organization

Organizing your makeup kit can be done in several ways: in drawers, bookcases, or a makeup bag. Your method of choice will depend on the amount of room you have and how much time you’re willing to spend organizing it (and keeping it organized).

If you want to keep your makeup in a drawer, you’ll probably want to use some organizer. You can buy drawer organizers at many office supply stores or online; these will help you keep your makeup organized and easily accessible. If you only have a few items that need storing, they may not be worth the money.


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