Finding Out What Type of Vaper You Are?

If you have just started vaping, you may not be aware that there are different ways of vaping. Do you want to experience the full delicious flavour of your e-liquid? Or do you want to produce huge clouds of vapour? Does a super smooth vape make you happy? Or do you still want that excellent throat hit that reminds you of cigarettes? Whatever characteristics you want from your vape device, there may be an e-liquid available that is more suited to the way you vape and what you want from vaping. Many people have recently transitioned from smoking cigarettes to vaping but don’t have the necessary information to maximise their enjoyment; let’s rectify that with some essential details on e-liquid.

The Make-Up Of E-Liquid

E-Juice, vape liquid and e-cig juice are all different terms for the viscous liquid that vapers fill their devices with, and it consists of four main ingredients, which we’ll look at now. The primary ingredients of the best e-liquids are as follows –

  • Vegetable Glycerine (VG) – this clear liquid is derived from soy or palm oil and used in cosmetics and foodstuffs. As a thicker substance, e-liquids with a higher VG content are designed for use in more advanced vape devices with a sub-ohm coil; the outcome is massive vapour clouds.
  • Propylene Glycol (PG) – is an organic compound used in the food and medicine industries; it is a naturally thinner liquid and ideal as a flavour carrier. E-liquids with higher levels of PG have a superb flavour and should be used in starter vape devices such as vape pens or pods.
  • Food-Based Flavourings – these ingredients are the standard flavours used in food manufacturing for many different foodstuffs.
  • Nicotine – the nicotine in e-liquid will be one of two different types; Freebase nicotine is the more traditional type developed using a chemical process developed by tobacco producers over 60 years ago. The other type is a newer product, Nic Salt or Salt nic; this is nicotine refined utilising a method with no harsh chemicals, e-liquids using Nic salt deliver a smoother vape to the user.

As we can see, each ingredient has characteristics that lean towards certain aspects of delivering an excellent vape. Standard e-liquid used by many vapers is an all-rounder with PG and VG mixed at an even 50/50 ratio. Still, other vape liquids are available mixed to heighten specific vaping styles.

The Different E-Liquids on Offer

We have discussed that e-liquid can be tailored to produce certain ways of vaping; there are two different types of e-liquid available to the vaper. These differently combined vape juice are known by their mix ratios, as follows –

  • 80/20 – this is mixed at an 80% PG 20% VG ratio and delivers excellent flavour, and a great throat hit at the expense of vapour production.
  • 70/30 – as a direct opposite, it has a greater VG content to deliver a smooth vape with significantly larger vapour clouds when exhaled.

The e-liquid with a higher VG content will require the vaper to upgrade their vape to a more advanced device with a sub-ohm coil for best results.

Now you are better informed about the e-liquid in your vaping device; you can try all the different types of vaping and see which one you prefer.