How To Refresh Your Lingerie Draw

Spring has passed and we are finally at the start of summer, but did you get the chance to have that spring clear out of your old and tired lingerie? Fear not, we have created this guide to help you quickly and effectively get rid of the old pieces you do not make use of, especially those ill-fitting bras that have only been worn once.

Measure your bra size

As time and life goes on, our weight fluctuates, which also means our bra size may change slightly over the years. Wearing ill-fitting bras, or bras which have been worn until the wire has started to peep through (if you know, you know) can take its toll, so if you think you may need a new bra, now is the time to measure yourself. This easy step by step guide from Bras & Honey can help you accurately measure your current bra size, without the uncomfortable in store bra fitting service that so many of us dread.

Empty your drawers

This next step is one that we all dread – the tedious task of sifting through the good from the bad. Pull out each piece of lingerie you own and sort them out into two piles: ‘Keep’ or ‘Bin’. Of course, when we say ‘Bin’ you do not have to take it straight to the trash, we recommend donating to charity or recycling so that each piece is not wasted. Make sure to have all of your bras, pants, pyjamas, chemises and any other pieces of lingerie laid out. If you can understand each piece clearly, this will make it easier to separate. We find it best to separate our intimates by categories (especially if you have more than you need) as this will make it less overwhelming.

We know how laborious a clear-out can be, so we have made a list of things for you to consider, so you don’t have to worry about that. Before you start anything, put on your favourite podcast or upbeat music so that you can feel more motivated.

Before going into specifics for each category, you will want to make sure you keep these questions in mind before making any decisions:

  • Does this piece make me happy? – Do you look at the item of lingerie and feel positively towards it?
  • Does this piece fit me in a way that makes me feel confident and comfortable? – Is the piece of lingerie fitting in places it should?
  • Can I wear this piece in multiple ways? – Can it be worn with multiple outfits? Is it practical?
  • Have I worn this piece recently? – Has it left your drawer more than a few times since purchasing?

Next, split your lingerie into categories and consider the above questions and dive into the specifics:


It may seem like a pain getting changed constantly to try each bra or piece of lingerie on, but this is the best way to whittle down your lingerie drawer efficiently. Once you have your bras on, take a couple of minutes to think about:

  • If the shape of the cup is still intact
  • If your boobs fit well into the cups (or are they too big/ small?)
  • If the underwire sits comfortably under your boobs and supports them
  • Is the underwire digging into your ribs / poking out of the fabric
  • Does the back band lay straight?
  • Does the bra feel comfortable?

If your bra does not feel comfortable or fit well in response to these questions, the bra needs to go. Poorly fitting bras, or broken bras, don’t do the girls any favours and you may need to invest in a new, supportive bra.


If you have panties which are a few years old in your draw, the chances are you may need to ditch them. When fabric from underwear is washed time and time again and worn a lot, the fabric starts to wear down and harmful bacteria can stick around. Key manufacturing defects to look out for are holes and stretched elastic, or any sign of wear and tear over the time you have had the panties. You will again, like with the bras, want to look at the fit of the panties:

  • Does the underwear dig in?
  • Do the panties cover properly and comfortably?
  • Are they made of a breathable fabric which is healthy for my body?

With underwear, you will probably have a range of styles for different occasions. For example, if you work out, you will want breathable cotton underwear, for trousers or tight dresses you may have some seamless pieces and thongs if you like wearing them.

Pyjamas/ Chemises:

This is probably the most difficult part of the clear out. Most of the time, we just end up keeping pyjamas in our drawers because they’re simply things we are going to sleep in, and are for comfort, but do you have some pairs which are looking a bit worse for wear?

If your pyjamas or nightwear pieces are starting to look a bit tatty with holes or rips in, it may be time for the bin. If you are not sure, try the pieces on and make sure you still like them or know that you will wear them again. Whether it’s a top and bottom set, or chemise, if it is not serving its purpose, donate it to charity or get rid. Alternatively, if the pieces you have still make you feel sexy, or provide you with comfort, place them in the ‘Keep’ pile.

Sexy pieces:

We all know that the odd sexy piece we have for occasions only won’t get the most wear out of the categories, but be realistic when you are sorting these into the two piles. From bodysuits, babydolls, garter belts or daring two-piece sets, if they do not fit, or make you feel sexy – it is time to get rid. Try them on before you make the final decision.

Once you have sorted the pieces into ‘Keep’ or ‘Bin’, make sure you organise your drawers nicely so that all of the hard work hasn’t gone to waste. We hope this guide has been helpful!